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Last News

Our LMS are ready!

Now we're proudly to announce that we have finished our advanced platform for doing e-learning. Our LMS (virtual campus) with tons of features and automations. Please check the information in the corresponding section.

We are now developing an online e-learning authoring tool

In a few weeks we're able to present your our last develpment: an online tool to create fast and responsive HTML5 SCORM courses. Our authoring tool is oriented thru rapid learning, keep in touch!

In a few weeks the definitive tool for e-learning conten producers: a content server for SCORMS

One of our more abitious project: a full content server that allow you to protect your SCORM content. You only give to your customer a small ZIP with the manifest and all the files to launch the SCORM but not the content. You can control who access to your content and limit or block it. If you're a e-learning content producer you need this.

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